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  • What is Additive Manufacturing?

    Additive manufacturing is the process in which three-dimensional objects are added one layer at a time and successive layers bond the previous layer. This allows us to create new and more complex designs that were not possible with traditional manufacturing methods.

  • What documentation do I get?

    Simple Bill of Material of the conversion kit. No detailed top assembly drawing will be provided.

  • Can I use the same actuation?

    Our focus is to re-use the actuator which is an integral part of our engineered solution.

  • How can you fit a disk stack into my existing valve now, but you couldn’t before?

    Additive manufacturing allows us to use the volumetric space much more efficiently. This allows us to provide a disk stack that is up to 40% smaller so that it can fit into an existing competitor valve body.

  • What if there’s something wrong with the actuator after the kit is installed?

    We are reviewing the actuator capabilities and designs as part of every trim upgrade during the proposal phase related to the applicable force and stroke. Should any actuator performance issues arise, we will certainly support the evaluation, recommendation, and resolution of such.

  • What are the warranty terms?

    We are offering a 12/18 months (18 months from time of shipment, 12 months from time of installation) workmanship warranty on the trim parts. Please contact your salesperson for any other warranty related questions.

  • What are the leads times for a Retrofit3D solution?

    We provide very rapid lead times for our Retrofit3D solutions. Please check with our sales team for specific lead times.

  • How long will it take to install?

    The valve size, application and type of conversion kit will determine the time to install and calibrate the kit. The overall installation is targeted to be in line with past regular maintenance cycles on the valve.

  • How large of parts can you make?

    We have many different solutions available in wide size range. Please contact us for specific requests to evaluate the best design for you.

  • Do I have to give you parts to measure?

    Existing parts can be sent to our factory, or we can come onsite to measure parts from inventory to ensure a drop-in replacement solution can be engineered and installed.

  • I don’t have parts in inventory for you to measure, can I still do the upgrade?

    There are scenarios where no parts are required for measurements. Please contact us for more details.

  • Is additive manufacturing suitable to be used at my O&G facility?

    Yes, depending on the process requirements, additive manufactured parts may be used in an O&G facility. We have many additive manufactured parts already installed in several O&G facilities around the globe. Please contact us for a more detailed evaluation.

  • How is the performance better over the existing trim I have?

    DRAG® technology trim addresses the root cause of many control valves that simple, drill hole (cage) trims cannot. The DRAG® velocity control solution will be incorporated in the existing cage geometry. Furthermore, additive manufacturing methodologies can enhance the flow control accuracy and materials compared to the original trim material which can additionally prolong trim life.

  • What material certifications are available?

    Certificate of Conformance indicating chemical properties of the powder can be provided for additive manufactured parts. Additional certifications like tensile strength, hardness and impact test are available upon request.

  • What materials are available for additive manufacturing?

    Several types of materials are available for additive manufacturing. We will select the most appropriate and well-proven material for the specific application to increase reliability and performance of the valve installed.

  • How do you select the correct materials and tolerances?

    With our 12 years of additive manufacturing experience and our over 50 years of control valve expertise in the most severe service applications for many industries, material selection and tolerance design aspects are one of IMI CE’s core competencies.

  • Will IMI technicians be qualified and trained to service the valves once upgraded?


  • Can you replace obsolete parts?

    Yes, please contact IMI for details.

  • Can we supply only the conversion kits and customer to use their field service?

    We highly recommend utilizing our field service technicians for the installation. Based on the current circumstance with possible site visit restrictions in place, alternative support can be evaluated. Please contact us for more details.

  • Will I use the same gaskets?

    Yes and no. Where existing soft goods can be used, such as packing and interface gaskets (e.g. valve body to seat gasket, bonnet gasket), IMI CE will design the trim to do so. We will provide any gaskets that are part of our assembly (e.g. gasket between disk stack and seat ring and balance seal). If such soft goods are not in stock at the plant, we will be happy to include it in the provided solution.

  • What parts will you be reusing from the original OEM?

    The body, bonnet and actuator will be reused.

  • What will customers need to have in stock to be able to install our conversion kit?

    Customers need to have new soft goods in place for our service engineer to be able to install the conversion kit. If they are not available, soft goods can be provided as part of the trim kit if informed ahead of time.

  • What will the Bill of Material of our Conversion kit look like?

    A retrofit kit will include all parts to replace the valve internals with the goal to improve performance and reliability. Depending on the valve design and engineered solution, the parts required might vary but will be clearly specified and documented.

  • How is IMI Retrofit3D different from other third-party replicators?

    Replicators provide copies of the existing parts and do nothing to improve the performance or operation of your severe and semi-severe valves. A Retrofit3D engineered solution addresses the core issues in your current installation like flashing, cavitation, erosion, noise, and/or vibration.

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