Fast that Lasts

There’s no need to wait for your plant’s next turnaround to improve valve performance. Retrofit3D replacement trim can be installed easily and quickly in just a few hours during a scheduled 2-day maintenance window, and we guarantee the replacement trim with the same warranty as our new valves.

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One of a Kind Performance

Each Retrofit3D solution is engineered to your specific system operating conditions so you can overcome the root-cause failure of your existing valve. Each installation is backed by IMI’s 12/18-month guarantee (12 months after installation, 18 months after delivery).

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Improved Customer Experience

Every stage of the buying process is designed to make your life easier. We turn around our engineering analysis reports and proposals in 24 hours, and then develop a custom-manufactured valve trim available to you within 4 weeks after placing the purchase order.

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Tried and True

IMI has been perfecting our additive manufacturing design process for more than 12 years, and our revolutionary Retrofit3D business reflects the latest advancement of our field-proven DRAG® technology.

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