Why Retrofit3D?

Increase the reliability and performance of your plant

Keeping your plant running and performing at its peak is a challenging job, especially when valves are not performing as they should. Valves experiencing erosion, flashing, cavitation, noise, and vibration very often lead to leakage, which ultimately impacts plant performance negatively and results in low reliability. These problems can lead to constant, unplanned maintenance, or a replacement of the full valve.

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Why Retrofit3D?

Upgrade valve performance without a major outage

Replacing failing valves with completely new valves can yield greater performance and reliability, but it’s rarely practical, fast enough, or cost-effective. Installing a new valve is complicated and expensive, requiring detailed engineering, pipework, time-consuming approvals, and long manufacturing lead times. This often requires the plant to endure the operational impact until a major outage is scheduled so the equipment can be delivered and installed.

A Retrofit3D engineered trim installation takes just hours instead of days, allowing it to be installed during a two-day maintenance outage. Our certified technicians can support installation as necessary, although our trim requires no onsite valve modification as a result of IMI’s precise engineering and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, which allows the plant to get back online in time and within – or below – budget.

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The How

  • We conduct a root cause focused engineering evaluation of the current system and operating conditions affecting the valve that is negatively impacting your operation. Our focus is to support you with a very prompt evaluation and solution-oriented recommendation, allowing you to review and define a quick path forward.
  • With your approval to proceed, we then gather trim-related details as needed to execute the order.


  • Trim is manufactured to ultra-tight tolerances using state-of-the-art additive manufacturing and traditional manufacturing methods.
  • The trim, completely engineered to your operating environment, is delivered to you within four weeks.
  • With our field service expert’s support, installation takes just hours, not days, and can be easily performed during a scheduled two-day maintenance window.

We care!

Through additive manufacturing, our solutions are using less material, reducing waste, and optimizing our supply chain. This reduces our carbon footprint, and make the world a better place.

Breakthrough engineering for a better world

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Ensure your plant is running its best with Retrofit3D

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